Landing Fees

Membury Airfield


Landing Fee

We re-surfaced 2 tarmac runways in 2008 & as such we ask visitors to pay a landing fee of £18 (inc. VAT), which includes one night of aircraft parking outside.

Aircraft based on site, or those visiting Flight Composites, Southern Sailplanes or Aviation Enterprises are exempt from the landing fee.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  1. Online payment - our preferred choice, which allows you to easily pay online with all major credit/debit cards (you don’t need a paypal account):

Click here to pay online.

  1. By cheque (please make cheques payable to Membury Airfield Ltd.) & post to us together with your contact information, when you flew in & the aircraft registration.

If you require an invoice - please email letting us know your contact details, when you flew in & the aircraft registration.