Membury Airfield


Airfield Information

Airfield information is available in Pooleys & AFE Flight Guide.

Visitors By Air

Membury is open to visitors ON SATURDAYS ONLY, no Sundays or Bank Holidays.

The airfield is strictly PPR by phone.

The grass runways are usually closed from September to March so please check the Airfield Notices on this site.

Landing Fee

A landing fee of £18 (inc. VAT) is payable & includes one night of aircraft parking outside.


Please do not over fly the buildings to the south of runway 05 threshold.


  1. Use of the airfield is at your own risk

  2. Strictly PPR

  3. No lights

  4. Circuits on opposite side to TV mast

  5. Avoid crossing old tarmac surfaces

  6. Read the airfield notices before you fly in